Happy Mag

Happy Mag is something very close to my heart.

This project started from years of noticing that the dialogue we have around conservation is often fueled by pessimism and despair. Whilst humans are having an increasingly devastating impact on our planet, too much can lead to disengagement and fatigue.

I believe talking about conservation in a happy and hopeful way is much more effective. So, Happy Mag’s mission is a simple one: to celebrate the people that do good for the planet and inspire the good in others.

Give it a read, learn about the amazing people we have talked to, share and let the world know that one person can make a difference. Change the dialogue.

happy mag 1.png

In Issue 1, I talked to the amazing Elena Jean and Gloria Pancrazi from Coextinction, and the inspiring Jillian Morris from Sharks4Kids. These women do some amazing work for marine conservation so visit their sites, get inspired and send them some love!

Happy Mag Issue 1_April2019