Welcome to the resources page!

Here you’ll find fun educational resources that you can download for FREE, because everyone should be able to learn about Elasmobranchs! If there’s a resource you feel would be useful to you and you would like to see it on here, please feel free to get in touch– I’m always happy to help Elasmo education!



Shark Week poster! Download here!

rainbow fact

Elasmobranchs come in all different shapes and sizes.. learn about them with the Elasmobranch Fact Rainbow! Download here: Elasmobranch Fact Rainbow.

skates vs rays pic.png

A fun infographic showing the difference between skates and rays! Download for free here: skates vs rays.


WORD SEARCH.pngWant to test your Shark Tales knowledge? Find the answers to these questions in this fun word search! Hint: all answers can be found in Shark Tales blog posts. Download the answer sheet here.

shark balance

Shark Balance is a fun game to teach children about the role of sharks as top predators, and how they maintain ecosystem balance. Download the game here and the hat template here!